December News 2014 – Women ‘run over by dog’

Insurance payout for woman ‘run over by dog’

 Many of us have been involved in road traffic accidents but not many will be able to claim they’ve be run over by a car driven by their dog. One woman in Victoria, Australia has been awarded AU$140, 000 following such a claim.The woman, who remained anonymous, was run over by her pet pooch after the driving dog knocked the handbrake off her car.The woman had been walking her dogs before the accident which occurred as she was loading her pets into her car. She had two pets in the back seat and one on the front seat when the accident occurred.

Keep it clean over the break

If you’re lucky enough to be holidaying this summer please remember to adopt a common sense approach with your vacant house. Like getting your mailbox emptied daily and having your lawns mowed regularly … basically any action that doesn’t advertise the fact that you’re away.
Please also don’t leave the recycling out any longer than needed – nothing advertises a “target rich environment” to a would-be thief more that a Flat screen TV cardboard box or iPad wrapping at the foot of your driveway.




MJIB Trivia!


  1. In Roman mythology, who was Cupid’s heartthrob mother?
  2. Which two fruits are anagrams of each other?
  3. What is an anagram?
  4. Which chart-topping 1974 single equated falling in love with Napoleon’s famed defeat, and who sang it?
  5. What special characteristic is shared by the monarchs of Malaysia and Cambodia?
  6. What is the hardest of all nuts to crack?

 (Just kidding, see bottom of page)

Learner Motorcycle Rules Change

NZTA have recently changed the licensing rules around what motorcycles riders can ride on their learner licence.
LAMS (Learner Approved Motorcycle Scheme) was introduced to improve rider safety by determining appropriate motorcycles for learner and restricted Class 6 (motorcycle) licence holders.Previously learner riders were restricted to motorcycles with a maximum engine size of 250cc.This has been removed, and in its place approved motorcycles are determined by –
  1. A maximum power-to-weight ratio of 150 KW per tonne (manufactures disclosed engine power and motorcycle weight + rider and gear); and
  2. An upper engine capacity of 660cc

These changes have doubled the sales of 250-400cc range of motorcycles, and those in the 401-750cc category have increased by more than half.There is wide range of motorcycle insurance products available, including track day cover, cover for your riding gear and roadside assistance.

Are You A Micromanager?

Micromanagers get a pretty bad rap; attention to detail is hugely important and sloppy staff is a huge burden. But there is a limit, and applying the same level of scrutiny to every task can end up damaging productivity and morale.

Leadership coach Muriel Maignan Wilkins, writing in the Harvard Business Review, has listed a number of micromanager traits, which can be adapted to small-business environment:

  • You’re never quite satisfied with deliverables.
  • You often feel frustrated because you would’ve gone about the task differently.
  • You laser in on the details and take great pride and /or pain in making corrections.
  • You constantly want to know where all your team members are and what they’re working on.
  • You ask for frequent updates on where things stand.
  • You prefer to be cc’d on emails.

Fear not! There are four strategies to ‘cure’ you of micromanagement inclinations:

1. Get over yourself
Strong words, but Wilkins insists that the polite defences of serial micromanagers (i.e. ‘It will save me time if I do it myself’) are actually excuses for unreasonable attitudes (i.e. “I don’t believe it’s worth my time to let them try, because they won’t get it right anyway”).

2. Let it go
As a leader you don’t add value in the ‘micro’ tasks – you make the difference in the big tasks, where your experience can be utilised to the full. Look at your to-do lists and start picking out the items others can do, and the tasks which were made for you.

3. Give the ‘what’ not the ‘how’
Your job as a manager is to define the end result, not how your team gets there, beyond respecting good professional practice. Draw on the creativity in your team and let them find a way to that end result.

4. Expect to win (most of the time)
Micromanagers are often disproportionality afraid of failure. By focusing on the possibility of failure, and micromanaging employees to avoid, employees develop ‘learned helplessness’, which makes failure a bigger possibility, turning into a vicious cycle. Stepping back will result in some failures, but will in the long term build up a stronger team.

(Muriel Wilkins, 2014)

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Last, and certainly not least, all the MJIB team would like to thank you for your continued support and wish you and your families a safe and relaxing Christmas and New Year.

Trivia answers
(1. Venus, 2. Lemon and melon 3. An anagram is a type of word play, the result of rearranging the letters of a word or phrase to produce a new word or phrase, using all the original letters exactly once; for example Torchwood can be rearranged into Doctor Who. 4. “Waterloo” (ABBA). 5. They are elected.6. Macadamia)