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What to do after the 7.5 magnitude earthquake hit central New Zealand

By now you will be aware on a large earthquake that hit central New Zealand overnight (14th Nov). Many would have been woken by this. Your responsibilities Please take all reasonable steps to preserve your property from more earthquake damage. This means that, if you’re able to, you should do things like: turning off the […]

Meth or P contamination in rental properties

Methamphetamine (‘P’) manufacture in NZ is a growing problem, not only for law enforcement, but also for innocent property owners and the general public that come in contact with dangerous residues, which are by-products in the manufacture of methamphetamine. What is P? ‘P’ is a street slang for methamphetamine – a psychostimulant drug. It enters […]

1 in 4 New Zealanders has suffered a Cyber-attack

If you are yet to be convinced about the relevance try Googling cyber-attack under “news”. What’s a cyber-attack? Hackers take control and lock your computer or mobile device. They then seek a ransom or threaten you with extortion. The hackers really want your data base! Then they can extort not only you – but all […]

August 2015 News – We Are Marathon Men!

Insurance Fraud – tempted? Insurance fraud has been with the insurance industry since it began. There is a misconception that insurance fraud is a “victimless” crime where nobody personally suffers a loss, but huge wealthy insurance companies make extra playouts from their wealth funds. The reality is that insurance fraud has to be paid for […]

June 2015 Newsletter – Meth Labs

Contents claim issues – proof of items?!Without a shadow of a doubt, the biggest irritation when dealing with Contents loss/theft is actually proving to your insurer that you owned the items. This can delay the settlement process and lead to angst and frustration – perhaps you’ve even experienced this?Whilst most policies don’t make this 100% […]

May 2015 Newsletter – Commercial vs Private

Commercial Motor policy vs Private Motor policy – What’s the difference? A gentle reminder to those who run their own business. If you use your vehicle for business use (e.g. to generate income) then you should be insuring your vehicle(s) on a Commercial Motor Policy. This policy covers both business and Private use. Generally there are […]

February 2015 Newsletter – Health Insurance Why should I?

With an aging NZ population and a rise of obesity/diabetes choking the Public health system, Private Health Insurance has never seemed more attractive. If you are thinking of Medical insurance, we’ve highlighted some key points for you to consider about the potential impacts a health problem could have on your lifestyle, family and earning ability. […]

Stop Press: Law changes for Building Industry – 1st January

You will no doubt be aware of the new law changes which come into effect on 1 January 2015. The changes will affect most builders and other trades, with the introduction of new requirements. This newsletter addresses any Insurance questions you may have. What’s new? The new law includes providing correct pre-contract disclosures to all […]

December News 2014 – Women ‘run over by dog’

Insurance payout for woman ‘run over by dog’  Many of us have been involved in road traffic accidents but not many will be able to claim they’ve be run over by a car driven by their dog. One woman in Victoria, Australia has been awarded AU$140, 000 following such a claim.The woman, who remained anonymous, was […]